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Example calculation

Local Thin Areas acc. to ASME VIII1

Input data

  Outside diameter of the vessel shell DZa   mm  
  Wall thickness of the vessel shell sZn   mm  
  Manufacturing tolerance inside c1i   mm  
  Manufacturing tolerance outside c1o   mm  
  Internal corrosion allowance c2i   mm  
  External corrosion allowance c2o   mm  
  Seam efficiency E    
  Design temperature T   °C  
  Design pressure p   bar  
  Allowable stress, ASME VIII1 Sm   N/mm²   <= Material database would be opened with doubleclick

Figure 1


Figure 2


Positions on the Vessel and Measures of the Local Thin Areas
Name of the LTA Axial position of the centre of the LTA on the vessel z 
Polar angle of the centre of the LTA (see Figure 2) φ 
Projected axial length
of the LTA L 
Projected circumferential length of the LTA C 
Wall thickness at the LTA tL



Calculated data

Required shell wall thickness acc. to ASME_VIII1 mm
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