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Example calculation

Calculation of Heater Tube Thickness

according to API standard 530 (6th edition)

This calculation is only a simplified estimation, and does not replace a detailed design calculation.

Input data

  ASTM steel material  
  User-defined allowble stress S 1)   MPa
  Minimum yield strength SY at 20 °C   MPa
  Minimum tensile strength ST at 20 °C   MPa
  Tube outside diameter Do   mm
  or tube inside diameter Di   mm
  Wall thickness δ    mm
  Corrosion allowance δCA   mm
  Design life tDL   h
  Design pressure p    bar (g)
  Temperature at start of run Tsor   °C
  Temperature at end of run Teor   °C
 1) – the elastic allowable stress is two-thirds of the yield strength at temperature for ferritic steels and 90 % of the yield strength at temperature for austenitic steels (API-530 § 5.2); the rupture allowable stress is 100 % of the minimum rupture strength for a specified design life (API-530 § 5.3)


  Equivalent temperature Teq   °C
  Allowable stress S    MPa
  Corrosion fraction fcorr    
  Allowable working pressure pmax   bar (g)
  Required testing pressure pT   bar (g) (acc. to API-560)
  Allowable testing pressure pT all   bar (g)
  Required wall thickness δmin   mm
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