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Example calculation

Fatigue analysis acc. to EN 12952-3 and TRD 301 App.1

for cylindrical components with opening

Component and operating data:

     Value   Unit 
Outside diameter of the vessel shell dos mm
Wall thickness of the vessel shell ems mm
Outside diameter of the nozzle dob mm
Wall thickness of the nozzle emb mm
Stress concentration factor αm  
Surface roughness Rz μm
Welding class  
Type of the medium  
Maximum operating pressure p0 bar

Material properties:

     Value   Unit 
Material group  
Elastic modulus E N/mm²
Poisson's ratio ν  
Differential thermal expansion coefficient βL diff 10-6 1/K
    Density at 20°C ρ20 kg/m³
    Heat conductivity λ W/m/K
    Differential heat capacity cp diff J/kg/K
or Thermal diffusivity Dth mm²/s
Ultimate tensile strength Rm 20 N/mm²
Yield strength Re N/mm²

Cyclic loadings data:

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