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Example calculation

Analysis for cyclic loading

according to EN 12952-3 Annex B

Input data

          Time point 1   Time point 2    
  Stress components   σx       MPa
σy       MPa
σz       MPa
τxy       MPa
τyz       MPa
τzx       MPa
  Time point temperatures   t       °C
  Material group          
  Yield strength   Rp0.2     MPa
  Tensile strength at room temperature   Rm     MPa
  Surface roughness   Rz     µm
  Welding class          


  Cyclic temperature   t*     °C
  Yield strength at t*   Rp0.2/t*     MPa
  Cyclic stress range (B.4)   2fva     MPa
  Mean cyclic stress (B.4)   fv     MPa
  Correction factor (B.5)   Ck      
  Cyclic stress range (B.5)   2f*va     MPa
  Mean cyclic stress (B.5)   f*v     MPa
  Material state (B.6.1)           
  Reduced mean cyclic stress (B.6.1.2)   f*vR     MPa
  Controlling stress range (B.6.1)   2f*a     MPa
  Correction factor (B.6.2)   Ct*      
  Virtual controlling stress range (B.6.1)   2f*at*     MPa


  Permissible number of cycles   Nall
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