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Example calculation

Analysis for cyclic loading

according to EN 13445-3

Input data

          Time point 1   Time point 2    
  Stress components   σx       N/mm²
σy       N/mm²
σz       N/mm²
τxy       N/mm²
τyz       N/mm²
τzx       N/mm²
  Maximum cycle temperature   t       °C
  Material group          
    Rp     N/mm²
  Tensile strength at room temperature   Rm20     N/mm²
  Loadings type          
  Surface roughness   Rz     µm
  Actual wall thickness   en     mm
  Welded joint class         see Table 18-4
  Calculation theory          


  Decisive calculation temperature   t*     °C
    Rp/t*     N/mm²
  Reference stress amplitude   Δσ     N/mm²
  Surface influence factor   fs      
  wall thickness influence factor   fe      
  Mean stress influence factor   fm      
  Temperature influence factor   ft*      
  ke/v– factor   ke/v      


  Permissible load cycles number   Nall
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