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Example calculation

Calculation of mean temperature for a tube sheet

Input data


Tube sheet:

  Tube sheet thickness h   mm
  Inner diameter of holes d   mm
  Tube pitch t   mm
  Tube pitch type    
  Heat conductivity λP   W/m/K

Tube hole surface:

  Medium temperature TR   °C
  Heat transfer coefficient αR   W/m²/K
  Number of insulation layers    

Top side:

  Medium temperature TO   °C
  Heat transfer coefficient αO   W/m²/K
  Number of insulation layers    

Bottom side:

  Medium temperature TU   °C
  Heat transfer coefficient αU   W/m²/K
  Number of insulation layers    



Effective heat transfer coefficient:

  Tube surface αR eff   W/m²/K
  Top side αO eff   W/m²/K
  Bottom side αU eff   W/m²/K


  Tube sheet mean temperature Tmid   °C
  Tube sheet maximum temperature Tmax   °C
  Tube sheet minimum temperature Tmin   °C

Heat flux:

  Through tube hole surface qR   W/m²
  Through top side qO   W/m²
  Through bottom side qU   W/m²
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